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Sceneroller, JP's, 1985, November 2, 4:00 pm (Sat), Everybody Violet, The Fan Club, The Nephews
(collection Bart Mendoza)
About This Gig
From Bart Mendoza on Che Underground: The Blog: "A classic 1985 flyer for JP’s (previously the Syndicate) with Everybody Violet. The club didn’t last long, but there was no shortage of great shows there — Jimmy was always pretty happy to let you put a bill together! The Fan Club was led by Roddy Bogawa, previously with the Odds. The Nephews, featuring Tim Ellison, are impossibly underrated. I mean, he even had one of his songs covered by Rocket From The Crypt! I believe his most recent gig was something I put together at Lestat’s with Dave Humphries, and if so, I can vouch he’s still an amazing performer. As with the Answers, I would love to see a box set of The Nephews work. (Fully annotated, of course.)"