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Sceneroller, Monroe Park, 1969, June 1 (Sun), Steel Mill, Brother Duck
About This Gig

From BruceBase:


Complete set details are not known, although the three above-mentioned songs are from a fan recollection that's deemed reliable. "Jennifer" is a known Springsteen composition from the period that has yet to circulate on any tape. This is Child's first trip to Richmond and this is a free outdoor concert. New Jersey band Brother Duck also make the trip and open the show. Child's performance here has huge impact and many more trips to Richmond will follow over the next 18 months. Mercy Flight drummer Davy Hazlett is in the audience. We've been contacted by a reader who recalled a guy sitting on a big water fountain which broke during the show - anyone else remember this? In a 1978 interview Bruce also mentioned that the band played in North Carolina.

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