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Sceneroller, Oxford Ale House, 1979, February 5 (Mon), Saucers, The Snotz
About This Gig

From Bedazzled blog:

I have a new flickr set of a series of posters for a gig at New Haven's Connecticut's "Oxford Ale House" (before it became the "Great American Saloon") by two of the earliest New Haven/New Wave era bands. Saucers, led by former and current "Rocket From The Tombs" bassist Craig Bell-the man who co-wrote "Pere Ubu's "Final Solution", and the Snotz, led by Darryl Leck, who's real name was the just-as-punky Keith Reamer, and who would have been the lead singer of my first band (Keith & The Reamers it was to be called) if not for his untimely death. Link.

All of the photos are by this guy Alan Rutberg, an amazing photographer and one of the hippest guys in that New Haven scene. If anyone knows where he is, please put him in touch with me. Someone should put out a book of all his photos from this era.