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Sceneroller, Soma (San Diego), 1991, August 24, 12:00 pm (Sat), The Marshmallow Overcoat, The Loved Ones, 27 Various, Manual Scan, The Others, The Witch Doctors, The Shambles, The Hoods, Third Eye, Miniature!, The New Breed, John Kanis
(art by Justin Turley, collection Bart Mendoza)
About This Gig
Bart Mendoza, Che Underground: The Blog: "A fun 1991 flyer for New Sounds with artwork by Justin Turley, who did much tremendous art for The Shambles. I’ve been amazed at how many flyers there are for some of these shows, as different bands, friends and scooter clubs all made their own. This was an early one as the line up soon shifted."