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Sceneroller, The Starship (Milwaukee), 1981, July 25 (Sat), Oil Tasters, The Points, The Violent Femmes

Sceneroller co-developer Jason Brownell was 17; I was 16 and back visiting him in Milwaukee right after school let out ... Jason told me about these local guys who were pretty cool, and we went to watch them play an amazing set for their friends in a tiny jazz club.

I returned to San Diego babbling about the Violent Femmes, this great acoustic trio from Milwaukee. I can say with total confidence I was the Violent Femmes' first California fan!


Flyer by Guy Hoffman.

About This Gig

From Milwaukee Rock Posters:

Amazing poster by Guy Hoffman. Even more amazing is that this is one of the first appearances of "Gordon Gano and the Violent Femmes" in Milwaukee and right around the fateful day when James Honeyman-Scott saw them busking outside the Oriental Theater. (And then add the irony that Guy Hoffman would later join the Femmes on drums!)

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