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Sceneroller, Summit High School Auditorium, 1965, December 11, 8:00 pm (Sat), The Myddle Class, The 40 Fingers, The Velvet Underground
About This Gig

First show with the name "The Velvet Underground" and with Maureen Tucker. Triple bill with The Myddle Class as headliners and The Forty Fingers as co-support. This opening was offered by the legendary journalist Al Aronowitz who was also The Myddle Class manager. Setlist: There She Goes Again, Venus In Furs, Heroin. Mailer: double-sided 8.5 x 11 inch. Xerox reproduced in What Goes On #5 fanzine, in All Yesterday's Parties - The Velvet Underground In Print 1966-1971 book (p. XXXVI). Tape: by Al Aronowitz on a Wollensack tape recorder. Al Aronowitz: "What was happening is that I'm taping the concert on my brand, new Wollensack tape recorder, with which the Velvets simply walk away. Someone tells me he saw them pack it up with their equipment. It doesn't take me very long to discover that that the Velvets are a bunch of speed-freaks and junkies. Heroin not only is their favorite song, it's their favorite thing." Review: in I Was A Velveteen by Rob Norris in Kicks magazine. Sterling: "At Summit we opened with "There She Goes Again", then played "Venus In Furs", and ended with "Heroin". The murmur of surprise that greeted our appearance as the curtain went up increased to a roar of disbelief once we started to play "Venus", and swelled to a mighty howl of outrage and bewilderment by the end of "Heroin". Al Aronowitz observed that we seemed to have an oddly stimulating and polarizing effect on audiences." (1983) Sterling: "We played at Summit, it was our first gig with Maureen. We played 'There She Goes Again', 'Venus In Furs' and 'Heroin' - and half the people walked out." (Jun. 1990)