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Sceneroller, The Sunshine Inn, 1971, May 14, 8:30 pm (Fri), Dr. Zoom and the Sonic Boom, Sunny Jim, Godzilla
About This Gig

From BruceBase:

One show, triple bill. This is the first of only two performances ever of Dr Zoom & The Sonic Boom (the other show was outdoors the following day). Undercard acts for this debut show were Sunny Jim and Godzilla (who were a late substitution for Cornerstone). In reality Dr Zoom was merely a progression of Springsteen’s March 1971 'Friendly Enemies' shows at The Sunshine In and his April 1971 'Jam Concerts' at The Upstage. Much of the long-standing confusion about how many Dr Zoom shows were performed stems from the fact that some people count the above-mentioned March-April gigs as Dr Zoom events, while others don’t count them. Technically speaking they weren’t Dr Zoom shows, but they did contain most of the musicians and the same party-like atmosphere.

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