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Sceneroller, VFW Post 18, 1984, July, The Dead Kennedys, Fang, NOTA, Tunnel Dogs, Choke
About This Gig

The biggest show the VFW ever had. Electric gatorade was present. Hundreds of bogus tickets resulted in a crowd of about 6 or 700 in the 400 capacity hall. Someone leaned against the furnace switch, or purposely turned it on, making it unbearably hot in the hall. Jello threw bucketsof water on the crowd @ one point he grabbed a bottle of the precious electric gatorade & threw that,sending about 100 hits of LSD into the crowd. I am not sure if the date but it was Jello's birthday. I brought him a cake w/ the DK logo deal on it. I was interviewing him for my short lived fanzine the Kansas City Scar when he proceeded to strip completely naked & change his sweat soaked clothes. In the process proclaiming my cake "tastes like shit".... it did.His final words to myself & the small crowd were " deface a billboard....glue a lock.....the banks await! I remember the show starting real early with 2 or 3 local bands & 3 or 4 touring bands. Aside from the DK's, Fang stands out in my mind as really good. NOTA was pretty hot too. I wish I could remember who else played that night.