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Sceneroller, VFW Post 18, 1983, Minor Threat
About This Gig

My memory fails me as to who else played @ this gig & the exact date ( April, I think). There was great potential for one of the greatest shows this night. However due to the idiotic actions of one person, the show was completely fucked up. Someone broke into a display case in the bar downstairs ( an all ages show with a bar!!) & stole some nazi stuff that had most likely been plucked off a dead German by one of the VFW guys who were kind enough to rent the hall to us punks. Needless to say this didn't sit well with the old vets. About 5 or 10 minutes into Minor threats set they pulled the plug to the stage & announced that unless the items were returned, the show ( & future hall rentals) were over. They gave us 20 minutes to cough up the war relics. While we waited a stream of people went to the mic & begged & cajoled & threatened the responsible party to fess up so we wouldn't lose our venue. Ian from MT played a jazzy piano accompaniment while various people spoke . The DERK guys,who put on the show ( Dave,Eric,Rick & Keith) somehow worked it out w/ the WW2 vets so the show could continue after about 10 or 15 minutes. MT played for about 5 more minutes when the VFW guys again pulled the plug,ending the show for good. Altogether MT played for maybe 20 minutes & even with all the bullshit problems, they stick out in my mind as one of the tightest, hottest all around best bands I've ever seen. The following day the person who stole the nazi flag was confronted by fellow punks & he returned it & apologized,thus saving the scene. Everybody lived happily ever after.