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Sceneroller, The Fillmore Auditorium (San Francisco), 1979, February 8, 9:00 pm (Thu), The Clash, The Zeros, Negative Trend
Just a note about the page about a 1979 San Francisco Clash show at "It was definitely NOT at the Fillmore Auditorium, as listed. Was next door at 1839 Fillmore AKA Temple Beautiful. The actual text at the bottom of the page is correct, but the venue listing is incorrect."
The Clash play an uncredited gig with the Zeros and Negative Trend at the Fillmore West; Feb. 8, 1979.
"New Youth Productions Present: The Best Band Ever, Direct from England" $3.50 Minors OK
About This Gig

In February 1979, the band was being managed by Dils manager Peter Urban and was part of a growing scene at the Temple Beautiful, a former synagogue wedged between the Fillmore and the Jim Jones Temple. At the time, Urban was trying to set up an all-ages club through an organization known as the New Youth Movement. Someone in the organization knew one of the members of the Clash, but the thought of getting the Clash to assist with a benefit was the furthest thing from anyone’s mind. Hector recalls: “We thought these guys wouldn’t be available to play this gig in a million years, but (Joe) Strummer and (Mick) Jones showed up at the meeting to plan the gig! Basically, they said, ‘We want to play the show, but we can’t use the name because we’re under contract with Bill Graham.’ ” The problem was solved by billing the band as “The Best Band Ever — Direct from England,” and the day after the Clash played with Bo Diddley at the Berkeley Community Theater, the Clash played the New Youth Movement Benefit, supported by the Zeros and Negative Trend.