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Sceneroller is rock-'n'-roll history for the rest of us: a software time machine that lets you travel back to the places and eras that meant the most to you and explore the connections between the people, places and bands that built that scene.

The official story of popular music has been written by major labels with big acts at the center -- but for millions of us, the most important music scenes were the ones we wrote ourselves, with our own bands, gigs, musicians and fans at the center of the action.

Our music scenes had their own heroes, and every superstar was a local musician once. Sceneroller celebrates the commercial winners alongside the rest of bands that were the most important of your scene. Explore and comment on the profiles already in the system, and add your own stories, music, videos and images to bring your music scene back to life to share with old friends and new fans.

Sceneroller is the product of two years of development work by people who love and honor local music. It's also a work in progress; we need your feedback for this big project, and we're standing by at for your suggestions.

The SceneMachine LLC™ Management Team

  • Matthew Rothenberg Matthew Rothenberg is a media veteran who has specialized in multiplatform digital content since the early '90s, including positions as editor-in-chief of eWEEK and VP of digital content for Hachette Filipacchi. Now based in the New York area, his musical pursuits include a 20-year string of bands in San Diego and San Francisco.
  • Jason Brownell's career as a San Francisco Bay area software developer and engineering manager includes leadership roles at Internet music pioneer Liquid Audio and in the consumer electronics industry. He is co-author of 13 patents in the field of Internet audio distribution. His first band was an avant-garde electronic pop ensemble founded in Milwaukee in 1980.
  • Jonathan Goldin is a seasoned executive with a broad based background in law, business development, mergers & acquisitions and human capital management, including positions as an operating professional with a global private equity firm, SVP at a global management consulting firm, and as General Counsel and business development lead of a formative, high growth business services firm. Jonathan is an aspiring banjo player.