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  • Type: Club
  • Where: 8022 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Kearny Mesa, CA
  • When: 1976 - 1996
Sceneroller, The Bacchanal , Club, Kearny Mesa, California,
"Reptile House Cold Blooded Dance Discs Sundays -- The Bacchanal Mad Marc Rude '83"
About This Venue

For 15 years (1976-1991), this dim, low-ceilinged haunt in a drab strip mall was the city's most star-studded concert club. Ray Charles played there. As did Buddy Rich. So did the Beat Farmers, and Joe Cocker, and Oingo Boingo. The Bach, operated by Bob Speth (later of 4th & B downtown ), closed in 1991, briefly reopened a few years later as the New Bacchanal, and by 1996 was gone for good. Read more