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  • Type: Bar
  • Where: 321 N. Fourth Ave. Tucson, AZ
  • When: Unknown - 1983, June
Sceneroller, The Backstage, Bar, Tucson, Arizona,
About This Venue

Center of Tucson punk performance until it burned down in June 1983.


The Backstage is still one of my all-time favorite venues, and I've seen a bunch of them. It had so much going for it - sketchy neighborhood, two-foot-tall stage, perfect atmosphere, and the marvelous irony that, as I recall, the Backstage had no backstage - bands just piled their equipment up in the back of the room. I always enjoyed seeing the occasional holdover from the 'daytime clientele' sitting at the bar - someone who looked like they'd been there most of the day, and didn't bother to leave once the show started. Sometimes they'd have this look on their face like they were thinking they'd had enough to drink that maybe they'd been transported to a parallel universe. Which I suppose it was. Anyway - enjoy (Mark Haswell, December 2007)

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