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  • AKA: MSU West
  • Type: Club
  • Where: 3411 E. Michigan Avenue Lansing, MI
  • When: 1972 - 1975
Sceneroller, The Brewery (Lansing, MI), Club, Lansing, Michigan,
About This Venue

From "Remembering the Silver Dollar Saloon" (WFMK):

The early incarnations of the Silver Dollar Saloon were as follows:


  1. Spartan Bowling Alleys, 1941
  2. Great Lakes Indoor Golf-a-Tron
  3. Grandmother's (Rock)
  4. Tin Lizzie (Dixieland)
  5. The Brewery (Rock), 1972


Until finally, it became the Silver Dollar Saloon in 1975.

But if it featured rock bands, as it did when it was called The Brewery, why change the name?

According to owner Rick Becker in a 1975 Lansing State Journal article:

"(The Brewery) was too loud, too dark and too nasty".....the name was changed in an attempt to....."counter its one-time reputation as a bawdy brawling house."

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From the Lansing State Journal:

At the same time, the Brewery brought in some of the biggest names in the business and had to turn down others, fearing they wouldn't bring in enough customers. Among those refused before they hit their heyday: the Average White Band and Bruce Springsteen.

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