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  • Type: School
  • Where: 313 N. Laurel St. Richmond, VA
  • When: 1969, September - 1970, March
Sceneroller, The Center, VCU, School, Richmond, Virginia,
About This Venue

From Commonwealth Times:

In September 1969, just after RPI became VCU, the Students for Liberal Government received a $2,275 grant from the VCU Student Government contingency fund to form their own Free University, organized by Russ Clem with headquarters at 725 W. Broad St. in Richmond (today the Empire). The scheduled courses listed in the first fall bulletin included Hypnosis, Creativity, Blues Guitar Workshop, Emotional Hangups, Poetry, Theater, Print Shop and Photography. All classes started at 7 p.m. so as not to interfere with day classes.

Any Richmond resident could take any F.U. class for $2, or purchase a “red card” for $20 that included registration to as many classes as desired. It also included twelve admissions to the Friday and Saturday night performances at the Performing Arts Center at 313 N. Laurel St., and admission to five of the 12 F.U.-sponsored films, which included the John Lennon film “How I Won the War” and Norman McLaren’s indie film “McLaren’s Wild Objects,” among others.

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