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  • Type: Auditorium
  • Where: 3760 Fairmount Ave. San Diego, CA
  • When: Unknown - Unknown
Sceneroller, Fairmount Hall, Auditorium, San Diego, California,
About This Venue

Scene report from Scott McDonald in Flipside, 1981 describes Tim Mays' introduction of Fairmount Hall as a punk venue and refers to a closure of NPLC: "Recently, a very successful show was produced at Fairmount Hall . This was the first gig at this location, and it features San Diego's four best bands :
thing was set up and arranged by Tim, Violent Crimes manager, with monetary help from whoever was willing and could afford it. Tim deserves a pat on the back for being the first one to go out and find a new location since the old Lion's Club closed. Anyway all the bands played good sets, with plenty of energy being expended by both the bands and the people on the dance floor .
Another good point: security was arranged by Tim and Terry Marine, using people from the scene, so no rockheads got to beat anyone over the head wit h
'flashlights.' There was only minimal harrassmeent by the Slow Death Police Force as well. It worked out so well that several more shows ar e scheduled for July and August featuring the Chiefs and D.O.A. with Diego
bands. Hopefully, this location won't get shafted because of police harrassment. Everything looks good so far."