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  • AKA: The Flatbush Terrace
  • Type: Club
  • Where: 1475 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11210
  • When: Unknown - Unknown
Sceneroller, The Flatbush Terrace, Club, Brooklyn, New York, 11210
About This Venue

From Marky Ramone on Noisecreep (on his metal band, Dust, ca. 1969):

"We were very naïve. We weren't savvy to the music business yet. We started playing small places like Flatbush Terrace headlining."

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From Andy Napoli's Homepage (ca. 1964?):

"I think our first exposure was an audition arranged for us by John Murphy's mother, Virginia. The contact was with a Mike Gaynor over at a (failing) catering hall called the Flatbush Terrace. We did the "showcase" with another band and Mike Gaynor  in the room, and no one else. When we were finished, we packed up and went home - with the phrase "don't call us, we'll call you" prominent in our heads. Some days later, Mr. Gaynor calls and offers the band a date. The offer was for twenty dollars. I asked if this meant twenty dollars apiece. He said, twenty dollars for the whole band. I respectfully declined. The guys in the band didn't seem to mind how I handled myself. I don't believe how insulted I was by Mr. Gaynor's offer and his audacity at trying to fill his crummy hall with admission paying kids at our expense."

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From Garage Hangover (on the Yo Yo's, who broke up in 1969): 

"These bands played locally at the Flatbush Terrace, Action City, Action House. I wish I could find other garage bands like the Emanons (no name spelt backwards), I think Leslie West of Mountain is forming a new band with old members out in Suffolk County somewhere."

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From Soul Tracks (on Brooklyn Dreams, ca. 1960s):

"Long before their faces appeared in industry trades or on American Bandstand and The Midnight Special, the members of Brooklyn Dreams - both together and with different groups -- performed at the Flatbush Terrace, a rite of passage for local bands. While in high school, Eddie Hokenson and Joe "Bean" Esposito held court at the candy store owned by Hokenson's mother where many aspiring acts would play. On the recommendation of the lead singer in his band, Bruce Sudano introduced himself to his future band mates at the store and landed a gig backing them up."

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From Blondie: Parallel Lives (on Chris Stein's band First Crow to the Moon ca. 1967):

"Mixing original material with cover versions and sometimes going by the alternate name of The Bootleggers, First Crow To The Moon played venues such as The Crazy Horse on Bleecker Street and Flatbush Terrace in Brooklyn."

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