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  • Type: Club
  • Where: 39th and Main Kansas City, MO
  • When: Unknown - 1985, November
Sceneroller, The Foolkiller, Club, Kansas City, Missouri,
About This Venue


Defunct club that was a popular early-80s music venue. Was located at 39th & Main. There was a "farewell" show there in Nov 1985, so that, presumably, is the approximate date of its demise. Ronny Ripper, writing in early 2004, recalls: "The Foolkiller was the location of the first punk gig I ever went to... guess it was early '84. Saw a few bands there before moving to Texas. Think I saw Angry Red Planet, The Micronotz, and The Dead Milkmen there. Small place, not great sound, more punks in the parking lot than inside usually."

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