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  • Type: Other
  • Where: 5717 Lindo Paseo San Diego, CA
  • When: 1967 - 1999
Sceneroller, Intersection House, Other, San Diego, California,
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"Church to Close 'Hippie House' " Daily Aztec By Lindsay Gordon

Published: Wednesday, April 21, 1999 Updated: Sunday, October 12, 2008

Peace Be With You: the Faith Presbyterian Church Is Closing the 32-Year-Old Intersection House on Lindo Paseo Next Month to Bring in People Within Their Own Religion. JOSEPH YOUNG/Daily Aztec PEACE BE WITH YOU: The Faith Presbyterian Church is closing the 32-year-old Intersection House on Lindo Paseo next month to bring in people within their own religion. By Lindsay Gordon Staff Writer Hidden away behind plants and trees, the Intersection House on Lindo Paseo has been offering the San Diego State University community a place to go for meditation and vegetarian meals for 32 years. But next month, the doors will close and the residents of the house will be forced to move on. Founded in 1967 by Faith Presbyterian Church, the house - often known as the “hippie house” - is home to six residents who pride themselves on being committed to spreading environmental consciousness and in-depth education. But the church has asked that all current residents move out by May 30 so it can open the house to more people into the Presbyterian religion, according to Paul Criswell, a resident of the house who describes himself as a spiritual messenger. “We are talking about finding another house, but we don’t have any definite plans yet,” he said. “We are not worried because we can carry the spirit wherever we go.”