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  • Type: Hangout
  • Where: 3623 Adeline St. Emeryville, CA
  • When: Unknown - Unknown
Sceneroller, New Method (Emeryville), Hangout, Emeryville, California,
About This Venue

New Method was apparently a warehouse space with unlicensed gigs.

"I used to love all the shows at New Method, that place was more like a community. I remember at one of the shows there, people were hanging out in the front outside, then all of the sudden, everyone came running in yelling for everyone to stay inside and they started to barricade the door. A couple guys wacked out on pcp were outside getting crazy. A lot of us ran upstairs and climbed out onto the roof to watch these guys break shit that should not be broken by any human, it was nuts. That was one of my favorite spots for shows though."