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  • AKA: Ron's House of Punk
  • Type: Bar
  • Where: Chapel St & Park St New Haven, CT 06511
  • When: Unknown - 1981, October 31 (Sat)
Sceneroller, Ron's Place, Bar, New Haven, Connecticut, 06511

(Ernst Weber/Oasis D'Neon Videomagazine)

About This Venue

From Spike Priggen: 

"Ron's Place" was THE Punk Rock club in New Haven in the late 70's/early 80's. I saw alotta great local bands there (Hot Bodies, Saucers, October Days, The Fixations, The Snotz etc) as well as national acts including Human Switchboard, G.G. Allin and R.E.M, on a Tuesday night, back when all they had out was the "Radio Free Europe" single and Pete Buck was using my guitar as his had just been stolen. (Oddly enough, I just bumped into him the other day at my local record store)