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  • AKA: Psychotic Motel, Zebra Club
  • Type: Bar
  • Where: 560 Fifth Avenue San Diego, CA
  • When: 1983 - Unknown
Sceneroller, Saigon Palace, Bar, San Diego, California,
About This Venue

Successor to the Zebra Club in downtown San Diego.

"Nightclub Transforms S.d. Bar With New Bands" (Los Angeles Times, March 13, 1987)

Every Saturday night the Saigon Palace, a dingy downtown GI bar, is transformed into a hip underground nightclub where it isn't unusual to find leather-clad patrons with green or magenta hair.

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From "People Who Died," (Jim Carroll appreciation, San Diego Reader, Sept. 23, 2009):

"Carroll ... gave several San Diego readings in those years, from SDSU’s Backdoor to a tiny downtown dive called Saigon Palace."

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