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  • Type: Auditorium
  • Where: 202 C Street San Diego, CA 92101
  • When: Unknown - Unknown
Sceneroller, San Diego Community Concourse, Auditorium, San Diego, California, 92101
About This Venue


"As soon as San Diegans, Inc., received the economic study it proceeded to give it to the city and to lobby that it be used as the foundation for the creation of a General Plan. On April 7, 1960 SDI presented the city council with the six-month, $35,000 survey.44 After having submitted the economic study to the city, the organization induced the council to undertake the drawing up of a Central San Diego General Plan to include an analysis of the estimated "growth needs" San Diego would have in 1975.45 The organization's efforts paid off as the city council moved on April 14, 1960 to appropriate $61,391 for the development of a Master Plan for central San Diego.46 Eight months later the city Planning Department unveiled a scale model of Centre City representing a detailed conception of a redeveloped downtown.47 The pivotal point in planning for the accommodation of the city's future growth was the construction of a Community Concourse composed of a convention hall, a city hall and a performing arts center. The city Planning Department designed the Concourse as a central point of activity attracting further downtown construction. Toward this and other redevelopment projects the city council approved the purchase of four blocks of downtown property.48 The success of San Diegans, Inc., in having followed through on the first two of its three downtown redevelopment objectives gave its president, Ewart W. Goodwin, much to be excited about. At the organization's 1961 annual meeting, Goodwin predicted that "San Diego will undertake more significant construction, will undergo more important growth, than has been accomplished in the last half-century."49 However, the probability of private developers investing in Centre City hinged upon the construction of the Community Concourse. Thus SDI channeled its efforts to ensure that the city follow through with its plans to construct the Concourse."

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