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  • Type: Club
  • Where: 202 Market St. San Diego, CA
  • When: 1979, December 7 (Fri) - Unknown
Sceneroller, The Skeleton Club II, Club, San Diego, California,

This was a Cardiac Kidz band shop in front of the club that was a week before they performed.

The Skeleton Club's alter-ego? From Dan McLain's Snare #3, 1980
About This Venue

Speaking of Mays, prior to opening the Pink Panther, he was a partner in this all-ages downtown club. Its stellar lineup of performers included X, Lydia Lunch and the Go-Go's. Read more

From the San Diego Reader: "The Skeleton Club reopened on December 7, 1979, at 202 West Market Street, in a locale abandoned by the previous – and ultimately doomed – tenant; Climax Limited Disco World."