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  • Type: Club
  • Where: 45 West 21st St. New York, NY 10010
  • When: 1989 - 2001
Sceneroller, Tramps (New York), Club, New York, New York, 10010
About This Venue

From the Chris Uriarte blog:

This rock haven closed its doors in 2001 and became Centro-Fly. Tramps was a legendary rock venue and, consequently, anyone who ever went there despised the techno-heavy Centro-Fly (even though it did attract the world’s greatest DJs, including Fatboy Slim and Paul Okenfold). As the ultimate insult, it is now Duvet, the Sex-in-the-City-ish ultra-trendy bar/restaurant where you sit (or lay) on beds while you eat and drink. Yes, beds.

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