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  • Type: Hangout
  • Where: Westbourne Park London, United Kingdom
  • When: Unknown - Unknown
Sceneroller, Zig Zag Club, Hangout, London, , , United Kingdom
About This Venue

From Kill Your Pet Puppy:

Crass beat the system and play for free at London’s Zig Zag Club.

Zig Zag Club, London December 1982

Word was out early last week Crass (accompanied by several experienced squatting organisations) were occupying the Rainbow Theatre at Finsbury Park, and an all-day event was being planned for Saturday the 18th December. Short, but sweet . . .

Wednesday morning things had changed; Crass had been evicted and were searching frantically for an alternative venue. A hotline was set up and three days later, on the morning itself, the ansa-phone message was bold, clear and full of optimism: they were now squatting in the disused Zig-Zag club in London’s Westbourne Park, and from midday until late it was round to Crass’s new place, for the party of our lives . . .

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